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PlexiFloor EpoCrete is a three component, water based, solvent-free, moisture tolerant epoxy high performance cementitious self-leveling slurry mortar. It is particularly formulated for leveling and for the necessary preparation of slabs with excessive water vapor transmission rates at thicknesses of 120-160 mils. EpoCrete is also used as a resurfacer or self-smoothing screed for damp, green or saturated surface dry concrete slabs. PlexiFloor EpoCrete must be sealed with the proper Plexi-Chemie epoxy primer system to form a long term vapor barrier. Plexi-Chemie recommends PlexiGlaze #4 Primer/Sealer.

Typical Uses

PlexiFloor EpoCrete is a moisture barrier system.  It is not intended to be a finished flooring system, but to be used in conjunction with other flooring systems where a moisture barrier is needed.