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GlasLok 170 FR

High-Build Wall-Coating System

GlasLok 170 FR is a high performance protective wall system designed to repair and protect masonry and drywall surfaces whether they are walls, floors and non-standard surfaces. GlasLok 170 FR is effective against acids, alkalis, physical abuse and as an excellent coating system for secondary containment applications. GlasLok 170 FR incorporates 100% solids Epoxy and Polyester technology. Depending on environmental conditions, GlasLok 170 FR can be formulated using PlexiGlaze IFF CR, PlexiCoat F Novolac and other resins depending on application requirements. GlasLok 170 FR is comprised of standard or novolac resins and incorporates fiberglass technology to create a multilayered glass reinforced wall coating of unbeatable durability. GlasLok 170 FR minimum thickness is 40 mils by spray or roller.

GlasLok Layup 270

Fiberglass Wall-Layup System With Fiberglass Chop Strand

GlasLok 270 is a fiberglass reinforced 100% solids wall coating system for new installations and for the restoration of damaged and abused surfaces, including concrete block, drywall, tile and poured concrete walls. The GlasLok 270 system incorporates glass and other fiber interlocking components designed to replace the traditional fiberglass mat layup system. This allows less time and labor required to complete the application.

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