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The waterproofing systems from Plexi-Chemie offer a resilient property that provides excellent resistance against chipping, gouging, and cracking.  Our waterproofing systems can be applied to any new or restored concrete surface.


PlexiFloor EpoCrete

PlexiFloor EpoCrete is a three component, water based, solvent-free, moisture tolerant epoxy high performance cementitious self-leveling slurry mortar. It is particularly formulated for leveling and for the necessary preparation of slabs with excessive water vapor transmission rates @ thicknesses of 120-160 mils. EpoCrete is also used as a resurfacer or self-smoothing screed for damp, green or saturated surface dry concrete slabs. PlexiFloor EpoCrete must be sealed with the proper Plexi-Chemie epoxy primer system to form a long term vapor barrier. Plexi-Chemie recommends PlexiGlaze #4 Primer/Sealer.

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Rubberthane II

Flexible Hybrid Epoxy Membrane

Rubberthane II is a 100% solids, modified epoxy resin membrane which combines the toughness, adhesion and durability of epoxy chemistry along with the physical property of being flexible. This flexibility is attained without the use of plasticizers or other substances that can separate from the resin polymer through time or degrade due to environmental conditions. The installed thickness ranges from 10-60 mils.

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PlexiSure 170

Polyurea Waterproofing Membrane

PlexiSure 170 is a Solvent-less flexible elastomeric urethane membrane designed to be used as a crack filler, joint filler and water proofing system. The resilient property provides excellent resistance against chipping, gouging, cracking and it can be applied to any new or restored concrete surface. It is excellent for expansion/contraction. PlexiSure 170 can be coated in as little as 2 hours.

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