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Plexi-Chemie’s floor coatings offer an array of services for your deteriorated floor.  The products rehabilitate and enhance the aesthetics of a floor while adding many years of functionality to institutional and industrial surfaces.  Take a look at our epoxy floor coatings below.


PlexiGlaze #4

Clear High Performance Epoxy

PlexiGlaze #4 is a 100% solids, USDA accepted, water-clear epoxy flooring resin designed for decorative colored quartz, decorative broadcast flake, a binder for mortar floors and as a primer/sealer for concrete. PlexiGlaze #4 can also be used as a primer, body coat and sealer for walls.

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PlexiGlaze IFF

Industrial Floor Finish

PlexiGlaze IFF (Industrial Floor Finish) is a 100% solids, low VOC, USDA accepted, pigmented, heavy-duty floor coating designed for industrial and commercial applications. PlexiGlaze Industrial Floor Finish is non-blushing and non-water spotting, bonds to cold, damp surfaces, and supports heavy industrial traffic.

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Also available in PlexiGlaze Industrial Floor Finish CR (Chemical Resistant).

PlexiGlaze IFF SL

Self-Leveling Floor Coating

PlexiGlaze IFF SL is a pigmented, self-leveling epoxy surfacing system designed to renovate worn concrete floors or protect new concrete against moderate wear and mild chemical spills. It is installed at a nominal 1/16″ to 1/8″ thickness consisting of: a 100% solids epoxy primer, a self-leveling epoxy-silica mixture, and optional aggregates and seal coats for specified finish and texture. PlexiGlaze IFF SL can be installed as a self-sealing system, broadcast with silica and resealed to produce a solid colored texture system, or broadcast with multicolored quartz aggregates and sealed with a clear sealer to produce a decorative surface.

PlexiGard Floor Finish

PlexiGard Floor Finish is an exceptional resurfacer that is tailor made for commercial and industrial environments. PlexiGard Shop Floor Finish is ideally suited for those areas that are subject to physical traffic or chemical resistance depending on the resin matrix used in the application.

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PlexiFlex 100 SG

PlexiFlex 100 is a 100% solids, power-troweled epoxy resurfacer. PlexiFlex 100 is installed at a thickness of 1/4″. It is designed to rehabilitate worn concrete and as a protective overlayment on new concrete while offering superior protection from heavy industrial traffic (impact, abrasion and compaction). The surface texture can be modified to offer varying degrees of slip and chemical resistance in wet environments.

PlexiCoat F Novolac

PlexiCoat F Novolac is a chemical resistant novolac epoxy, clear or pigmented, used to coat or line concrete, masonry, or other polymeric surfaces where high chemical and thermal protection is required.  PlexiCoat F is designed for service in harsh chemical environments.

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