Plexi-Chemie’s Website Gets a New Look

If you have visited our website lately, you may have noticed it has a different appearance. We are excited to launch our new website design! Here’s what we’ve changed: Layout: Our header and footer bars have changed for easier usability. Format: We have rearranged the content in the site, changed the background, and widened the screen size to give it a fresher look. Mobile: Our site is now mobile-friendly. Feel [...]

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Plexi-Chemie Is Now on Twitter

Plexi-Chemie now has an account on the social networking site, Twitter. We look forward to sharing updates from our company, and all sorts of information about the epoxy flooring industry. We invite you to connect with us here: Happy Tweeting!

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Plexi-Chemie Featured in CoatingsPro Magazine

Last Month, Plexi-Chemie was featured in CoatingsPro Magazine’s online October edition. CoatingsPro magazine is a leading magazine in the coatings industry. The magazine covers a wide array of coatings topics. The article is called, “Three-Alarm Coating Emergency,” which talks about a floor coating project where Plexi-Chemie’s products were used. We invite you to read the article here: Photo courtesy of CoatingsPro Magazine  

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Going Green: Plexi-Chemie Becomes Member of the US Green Building Council

  In an effort to provide green flooring solutions, we are proud to announce that Plexi-Chemie is now a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). According to, the USGBC is, “A non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable building design and construction.” The US Green Building Council’s aim is to promote environmentally friendly buildings. One way the organization does this is by using the LEED green building tool. [...]

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Plexi-Chemie is now on LinkedIn

Plexi-Chemie now has an account on the professional networking site, LinkedIn.  For all of you contractors and architects out there, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with manufacturers like us, and other contractors and architects. We invite you to connect with us! If you already have an account on LinkedIn, please click on this link and click “FOLLOW” to follow our company page: Having a LinkedIn account is [...]

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