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Flooring Systems

Plexi-Chemie’s materials provide a completely seamless and decorative floor covering that is not only safe but pleasing to the eye. Our flooring systems are found in wet areas such as laboratories or food processing plants, and also in high traffic areas, such as airports and prisons.  The versatility of our products help meet your client’s every flooring need. Browse ›

Primers & Sealers

Plexi-Chemie suggests that all flooring system projects begin with a low-viscosity epoxy or acrylic primer coat that penetrates, seals and reinforces concrete floors prior to resurfacing. Our epoxy primers and sealers ensure you durable yet finished looking floors.  With all the harsh elements surrounding laboratories, hospitals, prisons, airports and food plants, Plexi-Chemie’s products are guaranteed to stand up against weather and human conditions. Browse ›

Membranes & Crack Sealers

Plexi-Chemie’s epoxy and urethane membranes and crack sealers fill the gaps, cracks, holes or any irregular surface.  The resilient property provides excellent resistance against chipping, gouging, cracking and it can be applied to any new or restored concrete surface. They also work well in reducing the stress between the substrate and any subsequent coatings. Browse›


Plexi-Chemie offers many resurfacers in dozens of color combinations in epoxy or urethane material and any surface texture can be modified to offer varying degrees of slip and chemical resistance, especially in wet environments. These systems are durable, easy-to-implement, and strong. Browse›

High Performance Top Coats

Plexi-Chemie’s high performance topcoats lets you control it’s appearance while giving you the same durability and floor longevity.  They are made for commercial and industrial environments. Browse›

Waterproofing Systems

Plexi-Chemie’s waterproofing systems are designed for the protection and waterproofing of new or existing concrete structures. These systems can be applied to any new or restored concrete surface and are excellent for expansion/contraction. Even when the environment is wet, Plexi-Chemie gives you something solid to stand on. Browse›

Floor Coatings

Plexi-Chemie’s floor coatings offer an array of services for your deteriorated floor.  The products rehabilitate and enhance the aesthetics of a floor while adding many years if functionality to institutional and industrial surfaces.  Browse›

Cementitious Patch Material

This line of Plexi-Chemie’s products allows the contractor to repair and patch mortars for any industrial or commercial floor. Browse›

Moisture Mitigation Systems

Moisture mitigation systems are used to block osmotic and hydro-static pressure, especially in areas of high water concentration in the soil. Our moisture mitigation systems can be installed underneath tile, carpet, or any surface that requires blocking moisture from a slab. Browse>

Wall Systems

Plexi-Chemie’s wall systems create a seamless surface and antibacterial environment for walls. Browse>

Epoxy Quick Patch Materials

Our epoxy quick patch materials can be used in almost any environment where joint patching and/or crack filling is needed and a fast turnaround time is required. Browse>

[tab title=”Color Charts”]

Color Charts

Below are Plexi-Chemie’s signature color charts. If you have a specific question regarding colors, please email us.



Signature Blends

Download The Signature Blends Color Chart PDF

1/8″ Blends


1/4″ Blends



Quartz Blends

Download The Quartz Blends Color Chart PDF
Download PDF

Quartz Granules for Architectural Color



Standard Colors

Download The Standard Colors Chart PDF
Download PDF

Standard Colors


[tab title=”Customer Support”]

Plexi-Chemie Customer Support

Plexi-Chemie is dedicated to providing the personal contact it takes to build sound, long-term partnerships with our customers. When you purchase Plexi-Chemie products, you aren’t just buying the worlds strongest, most durable and flexible hi-performance seamless flooring solutions; you are gaining the help and support of established professionals who know how to use it.

We have more than thirty years of extensive field knowledge and innovation in seamless and resinous flooring products. With Plexi-Chemie products, you’re never alone on the job – We’re with you all the way.

Phone Support

Got an emergency? We have you covered. As a Plexi-Chemie client, you will have access to our professional installers who have not only worked with Plexi-Chemie products before, but actually helped create them! We consider our clients like part of our family and have made it our promise to give you the best support in the industry. It’s true, with Plexi-Chemie you will never be left alone on a job!

For phone support, call  (904) 693-8800

Online Support

If you have a less urgent need, check out our frequently asked questions or our product catalog. In our product catalog you will find all of our data sheets loaded full of valuable information about specs, installations tips and complementary products.

Ask the Contractor

If there is a question you have but wasn’t answered in the FAQ section, feel free to send it to our experts! We will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours with a well thought out response. We want you to feel 100% comfortable installing our products, so there is no such thing as a stupid question. Ask the contractor today!

Job Estimator

Job Estimator› You can also download the form here›

Request Literature or Samples

Need literature about a product? A brochure to send to your clients? Want a real, hard sample of one of our product lines? No problem, just let us know and we will get it all to you! Just contact our office at 904-693-8800 or email Elizabeth, our Marketing and Communications Coordinator.


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Request A Sample

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[tab title=”Frequently Asked Questions”]

General FAQ’s

What makes Plexi-Chemie different?

Plexi-Chemie’s flooring solutions are strong, easy-to-install and have lots of different options to fit any project. We are proud of what we produce and know it is the best in the industry. Better yet, our plant is comprised of a technical R & D Center, production facility and warehousing – meaning we can custom make any solution for all of our clients.

The real difference lies in our price and support services. While our competitors may give you strong floors, we give you the strongest floors at the best price. We’ve made it our promise to build long term relationships with our clients at that starts by giving the best price and ends with supporting our clients throughout their entire project. With Plexi-Chemie, you really are getting the best “bang-for-your-buck”.

Do you install flooring solutions?

No. We manufacture and produce our products. If you are looking for an installer, Plexi-Chemie can supply a list of qualified contractors located throughout the U.S. and Canada. Email or call us to discuss your project. Sales representatives are available to discuss and visit your project.

Do you have any references?

It might be easier to hear it from our clients about how great we are. We have plenty of references that can tell you about us! Just contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

I’d like to meet with you in person. Is this possible?

Yes! We love to make lasting relationships with our clients, and if you want to see our plant you are more than welcome to! We can give you the tour and show you how our products are made. If you need advice on-site with a project, we may be able to get you setup with one  of our technicians.

How can I order products?

Whether you are an existing client or new to the Plexi-Chemie family, one of our experienced sales representatives will be with you through every step of your ordering process. Please contact your representative to order Plexi-Chemie products. If you do not yet have a representative, please click here to fill out our “Find a Rep” form.

Plexi-Chemie Product FAQ’s

I’m not sure what product best fits my project.

Call us! We have over 30 years of experience in the field and can help you with any project. You can also use our Job Estimator to help you figure out what you are going to need.

Can I get a sample piece/block to review?

Yes! Please click here to fill out the “Sample Request” form.

Are your products safe?

Plexi-Chemie’s seamless flooring solutions are the safest in the industry. We offer support to our clients to make sure they are installed right and don’t cause any harm.

My project requires something very specific. Can you make a custom flooring solution for me?

Yes! Contact us and we will set you up with one of our technicians who will guide you through the process.

Support FAQ’s

I’m stuck. I need information about one of your products!

One of the easiest ways to get acquainted with our products is to check out that product’s data sheet. If you are still unsure of where to find some information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

I have a technical question I need an opinion on. Can you help?

Yes! We have over 30 years of technical experience and can set you up with one of our technicians! If you would prefer, you can use the Ask the Contractor to get a response by email.

Can you help me get LEED certified?

Some Plexi-Chemie products can help you achieve LEED certification points in “Materials & Resources” as well as “Indoor Environmental Quality”. Please click here for more information on how our products can provide your next project with LEED credits.[/tab]

[tab title=”Ask The Contractor”]

Ask The Contractor

Do you have any questions that were not answered here on our website? Are you using our materials and need help figuring something out? Are you unsure if our product could work for your project area? Ask our epoxy flooring specialist below!

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Job Estimator

You can download the form here›

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