PlexiPatch QC Epoxy Quick Patching Kit

Available in Standard or Flexible

If you need to repair cracks, holes or deviations in concrete, OR if you need to fill in floor joints before an epoxy floor is applied, PlexiPatch QC is your go-to patching product.  PlexiPatch QC is a multi-purpose, 100% solid, two component patching compound designed for use as a fast repair and setting adhesive on concrete. PlexiPatch QC comes in a regular version, and a flexible version with up to 65% flexibility. Both are 1 to 1 ratio and easy to mix with a 10-15 minute working time at 70° F. Repairs can be sanded, tapped, sawed, drilled, or top coated in as little as 1.5 hours after application (at 70° F).

Typical Uses

  • Used to patch cracks, surface deviations, holes, etc. in concrete
  • Used to fill concrete joints

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