From large nationally distributed brands to neighborhood brew pubs and microbreweries, brewing beer is big business. Having the proper equipment and facilities are critical components to the brewing process, and having the right flooring system is no exception. A brewery floor needs to stand up to exposure to a variety of chemicals and liquids, be easy to clean and slip resistant. Read on to find out how two Plexi-Chemie flooring systems—PlexiClad and PlexiCrete can do all of this and more.

Clean Brew

In the brewery environment, the flooring system must be resistant to the spills and splashes of the chemicals used during the brewing process. If the flooring system absorbs the liquids or cannot be easily cleaned and sanitary conditions cannot be maintained, bacteria can grow on the substrate. In other words, not only does the flooring system need to be chemical resistant, it also must be able to handle pressure washing and exposure to the hot water necessary to keep the floor clean and free from bacteria.


 The Right Pairing

Choosing the right flooring system for a brewery (or any facility for that matter) can be overwhelming. What it really comes down to in the simplest terms is the condition of the substrate, the functionality required of the system, the application conditions and the cost of the materials and labor.

Plexi-Chemie manufactures two flooring systems that fit the bill when it comes to protecting the floors of breweries of all sizes. PlexiClad and PlexiCrete function a bit differently, but offer the same result – a flooring system that is chemically resistant, easy to clean and can stand up to the various stresses of a brewery environment.

PlexiClad is a 100% solids, three-component troweled pigmented epoxy resin and natural aggregate mortar flooring system. It is designed to rehabilitate worn concrete and act as a protective overlayment on new concrete. PlexiClad offers superior protection from heavy industrial traffic, meaning it has impact, abrasion and compaction resistance. The surface texture can also be modified to offer varying degrees of slip and chemical resistance in wet environments and the flooring system is antimicrobial. PlexiClad is easy to install and the speed of the cure rate can be adjusted as needed based upon the ambient conditions.

Here is a contractor power troweling a PlexiClad floor:  


PlexiCrete is a self-priming four-component, 100% solids, high-performance urethane cementitious mortar flooring system that is comprised of a urethane binder, pigments, powders and quartz aggregates. This system provides conventional protection plus thermal-shock resistance, with a wide range of both caustic and acid resistance. PlexiCrete and concrete have a similar coefficient of thermal expansion from under -50°F to 265°F. In other words, PlexiCrete can withstand the continuous hot water washdowns that are commonplace in the brewery environment.

Red PlexiCrete Floor

Red PlexiCrete Floor


Closeup shot- red PlexiCrete floor

Closeup shot- red PlexiCrete floor

Brewing the Perfect Combo

The PlexiClad and PlexiCrete systems can oftentimes be combined for the perfect solution in a brewery environment. For example, in one area of the brewery that needs to have superior abrasion resistance, PlexiClad may be the best choice. However, in another area where active fermentation is occurring, the excellent thermal shock resistance of the PlexiCrete material may be a better option. It is important to remember that there is no “one size fits all” solution. It all boils down to knowing the strengths and limitations of each system and understanding which flooring system is the best for the needs of a particular section of the brewery.

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