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MMA and Urethane Mortar: An Excellent Combination

MMA and Urethane Mortar: An Excellent Combination When a job requires a rapid-cure flooring system that provides long-term durability and a beautiful matte finish, many flooring contractors believe that there is no way to provide their clients with all three specifications. However, using a combination of Plexi-Chemie’s MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) flooring system (PlexiRez),  and urethane mortar flooring system  (PlexiCrete), contractors can give their customers a unique flooring system that delivers [...]


The Right Wall System for Correctional Facilities

  When projects at correctional facilities call for a seamless epoxy wall system, Plexi-Chemie’s GlasLok 270 is an option that deserves serious consideration. This fiberglass reinforced 100% solids wall coating system provides the same benefits (and more) as fiberglass mat systems, but is much easier to install and is more cost and labor effective. Read on for more information about GlasLok 270, its benefits for correctional facilities, clean rooms, commercial [...]


Rubberthane SRF: Flexibility & Durability Team Up in this Game-Changing Flooring System

Pet care and so much more...Plexi-Chemie's Rubberthane SRF Comfort Floor was installed at a pet hotel     It often seems that when choosing a flooring system, certain sacrifices must be made. For example, a floor that has great aesthetics may not be the most durable option. Or a floor that is comfortable to stand on may not have long-term abrasion resistance. However, none of these sacrifices need [...]


How to Install PlexiPatch QC Epoxy Quick Patch

Here's a quick video on how to use our PlexiPatch QC Epoxy Quick Patch:     About PlexiPatch QC: If you need to repair cracks, holes or deviations in concrete, OR if you need to fill in floor joints before an epoxy floor is applied, PlexiPatch QC is your go-to patching product.  PlexiPatch QC is a multi-purpose, 100% solid, two component patching compound designed for use [...]

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Need a Handy Concrete Patching Product on your Jobsite? Look No Further Than PlexiPatch QC!   When it comes to epoxy installs, we understand how important it is for contractors to have reliable coatings, but what about surface prep products? When preparing the concrete substrate for the epoxy flooring system, there are often cracks, divots, and sometimes even holes in the concrete that must be patched prior to the flooring installation. This is why we always recommend to our contractors to carry a [...]

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Don’t Let Harsh Environments Drive You Up the Wall: GlasLok 170 FR is the Perfect Protective Wall System Solution

    Don’t Let Harsh Environments Drive You Up the Wall: GlasLok 170 FR is the Perfect Protective Wall System Solution   Environments such as food plants, medical operating rooms, correctional institutions and commercial kitchens require not only durable flooring systems, but also wall coating systems that are impact and chemical resistant, as well as easy to clean and maintain. GlasLok 170 FR is a high performance protective wall system [...]


Automotive Facilities and Epoxy Floors – An Excellent Combination

    In automotive facilities, including dealerships, showrooms and commercial garages, aesthetics and functionality can go hand in hand. The first impression of a beautiful shop or showroom floor give a good impression to repeat customers, potential customers, and vendors who may walk through the doors. Good looking floors can also communicate a clean and organized atmosphere. This can also improve the morale among the employees working in these facilities. [...]


PlexiChip Install

Check out the install of our PlexiChip Epoxy Chip Flooring System in an animal facility:  PlexiChip is a decorative, “poured in place” resinous flooring system comprised of 1/4 or 1/8th inch decorative chips incorporated into clear PlexiGlaze #4 or pigmented PlexiGlaze IFF. This system is typically sealed with clear PlexiGlaze#4, followed by a clear topcoat of PlexiCrest P Urethane Topcoat. For additional thickness and faster turnaround, specify PlexiCrest XP Polyaspartic Topcoat. PlexiChip systems are best used in or [...]

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