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Plexi-Chemie’s Coatings Create a Functional and Beautiful Floor for Lowe’s Corporate Hangar at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

When Lowe’s, the home improvement retail giant, decided to relocate their corporate aviation operations from Statesville Regional Airport to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, a new 38,000-square-foot hangar was specially designed and built. As a part of this new construction, the concrete floor needed a coating system that would provide abrasion, chemical and UV resistance, along with a beautiful aesthetic that included a bright white color, as well as a [...]

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Bobby E. Leach Student Recreation Center at Florida State University: PlexiBlend HTF Gives the “Wow!” Factor to the Floors in This High Profile Facility

Photo courtesy of thetab.com The Bobby E. Leach Student Recreation Center at Florida State University is a 120,000-square-foot fitness facility located right in the heart of campus. The facility includes cardio and strength equipment, sports courts and an indoor track, pool and spa. There is also a spacious atrium with seating for students to hang out and enjoy healthy snacks and smoothies. This impressive and modern building is a [...]

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Can Epoxy Be Installed Over Existing Tile Floors?

Can Epoxy Be Installed Over Existing Tile Floors? The answer to this question is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. Whether it makes sense to install epoxy over existing tile floors or whether the tile needs to be completely removed all depends on the condition and composition of the tile. In addition, owners and contractors need to keep in mind that just because epoxy can be [...]

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MMA and Urethane Mortar: An Excellent Combination

MMA and Urethane Mortar: An Excellent Combination When a job requires a rapid-cure flooring system that provides long-term durability and a beautiful matte finish, many flooring contractors believe that there is no way to provide their clients with all three specifications. However, using a combination of Plexi-Chemie’s MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) flooring system (PlexiRez),  and urethane mortar flooring system  (PlexiCrete), contractors can give their customers a unique flooring system that delivers [...]


Glaslok 170 FR: This Protective Wall Systems Keep School Restrooms Easy to Clean and Maintain

Keeping the school restrooms clean and in good condition can be a daunting task. School restrooms are subject to a great amount of wear and tear and exposure to water, chemicals and other harmful materials. The GlasLok 170 FR epoxy wall system by Plexi-Chemie is a perfect solution to keeping school bathrooms clean and sanitary for the long haul.

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The Right Wall System for Correctional Facilities

  When projects at correctional facilities call for a seamless epoxy wall system, Plexi-Chemie’s GlasLok 270 is an option that deserves serious consideration. This fiberglass reinforced 100% solids wall coating system provides the same benefits (and more) as fiberglass mat systems, but is much easier to install and is more cost and labor effective. Read on for more information about GlasLok 270, its benefits for correctional facilities, clean rooms, commercial [...]


Moisture Testing in Concrete: A Critical Step

When too much moisture exists in a concrete substrate, the result can be disastrous for the application of a floor coating system.  Too much moisture creates a substrate condition that is not conducive to the proper adhesion of a coating system, leading to delamination and an eventual coating system failure. In these situations, the application of a moisture mitigation system is needed. However, it first must be determined if a [...]

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Holiday Greetings from Plexi-Chemie

  As 2018 comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for your business and support throughout the year. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you and your families! We look forward to working with you in 2019! –The Plexi-Chemie Team

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Rubberthane SRF: Flexibility & Durability Team Up in this Game-Changing Flooring System

Pet care and so much more...Plexi-Chemie's Rubberthane SRF Comfort Floor was installed at a pet hotel     It often seems that when choosing a flooring system, certain sacrifices must be made. For example, a floor that has great aesthetics may not be the most durable option. Or a floor that is comfortable to stand on may not have long-term abrasion resistance. However, none of these sacrifices need [...]