Pet care and so much more…Plexi-Chemie’s Rubberthane SRF Comfort Floor was installed at a pet hotel



It often seems that when choosing a flooring system, certain sacrifices must be made. For example, a floor that has great aesthetics may not be the most durable option. Or a floor that is comfortable to stand on may not have long-term abrasion resistance. However, none of these sacrifices need to be made with Plexi-Chemie’s Rubberthane SRF. This 100% solids, flexible urethane flooring system is durable, comfortable to stand on for hours at a time and has a beautiful finished look. Read on to find out more about these and the many other properties of Rubberthane SRF.


Flexible AND Durable

Rubberthane SRF is a seamless rubber flooring system that is both flexible and durable, a combination that can be tough to find in the flooring world. The flexibility of the material can be regulated by fillers and can range from 350% elongation to less than 150%. In fact, Rubberthane SRF has the ability to be bent 180 degrees without snapping! This also means that the product can handle intense freeze and thaw cycles without cracking. Unlike flexible epoxies that can get brittle as they age, Rubberthane SRF retains its flexibility throughout the lifetime of the flooring system.

Proving that the material provides both flexibility and durability (surface hardness), Rubberthane SRF is also abrasion and chemical resistant. This flooring system provides excellent resistance against chipping, gouging and cracking and can be applied to any new or restored concrete surface. Rubberthane SRF is also shock absorbing and sound deadening. In other words, if something heavy is dropped on the floor, the system is designed so that it will not crack; it will instead absorb the shock. 


Comfort Floor System

One of the leading benefits of the Rubberthane SRF is that it is extremely comfortable to stand on, even for hours at a time.  Standing on this seamless rubber floor doesn’t tire the legs, protects shins, knees and backs. This “soft” feeling of the flooring system helps to ensure the safety and productivity of workers in manufacturing plants, machine shops, labs, pet care and health care facilities, or anywhere else this versatile system is installed. 


Beautiful and Seamless System

Another advantage to installing Rubberthane SRF is that the system is seamless. There are no joints where water can stand, dirt can collect or bacteria can grow. This system is an excellent alternative to rubber floor tiles, sheet goods and quarry tile. In addition, Rubberthane SRF is a poured-in-place system that is mixed on site, further ensuring a bacteria-free surface.

Aesthetically, Rubberthane SRF is anything but a “boring” flooring system.  The material can be made in any solid color, and chips or other media can be broadcast into it, adding to the finished beauty of the floor. In addition, PlexiCrest XP Polyaspartic Urethane top coats can be applied over the Rubberthane SRF system. This allows for excellent UV stability, as well as an even more durable and aesthetically pleasing overall flooring system.


Pet Care and So Much More

One of the most notable installations of Plexi-Chemie’s Rubberthane SRF is at the Best Friend’s Pet Hotel at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida. The system was installed in the play area of the pet care facility, resulting in a sound absorbing, scratch resistant, durable, easy to clean and comfortable surface.  Plans are in place to install Rubberthane SRF at the New Jersey and Massachusetts locations of Best Friend’s Pet Hotel.

Overall, this solvent-free, fume-free, fast-setting material is an excellent choice for floors in a wide variety of industries and applications.




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