When projects at correctional facilities call for a seamless epoxy wall system, Plexi-Chemie’s GlasLok 270 is an option that deserves serious consideration. This fiberglass reinforced 100% solids wall coating system provides the same benefits (and more) as fiberglass mat systems, but is much easier to install and is more cost and labor effective. Read on for more information about GlasLok 270, its benefits for correctional facilities, clean rooms, commercial kitchens, secondary containment units and the many ways it outperforms traditional fiberglass mat wall systems.


Ease of Installation

At first glance, installing a fiberglass mat layup system at a correctional facility may seem like the obvious choice for seamless, easy-to-clean and durable walls. However, while the proper application of a fiberglass mat system can achieve these goals, it can be a nightmare to install.

The installation of a fiberglass mat system is labor intensive and consists of many steps, including embedding the fiberglass mat into wet coating which is tedious, messy and can be compared to hanging wallpaper. In other words, it is not an easy or enjoyable task!

In contrast, GlasLok 270 can be troweled on and smoothed out with a brush, much like sheet rock mud. This fiberglass wall layup system incorporates glass interlocking components that are designed to replace the traditional fiberglass mat system. GlasLok 270 can be installed over new concrete, existing concrete, drywall, MVB 2000 and Rubberthane. Depending on job specifications and contractor preference, either an epoxy or urethane top coat can be applied over GlasLok 270.

GlasLok 270 is so easy to install that less labor, time and money are required to take a correctional facility job from start to finish. In fact, in many instances, the cure time of the system can be accelerated so that sanding and top coat application can occur within the same day!



Elimination of Air Pockets

Another major advantage of GlasLok 270 over traditional fiberglass mat layup systems is that GlasLok 270 is formulated to eliminate permeability and air pocket failures, whereas the many steps involved in the application of a fiberglass mat system increase the probability of air pockets. Air pockets and other such imperfections can be costly and labor intensive to remove, and if left alone, they can cause premature coatings failure.

Clean It Up

In correctional facilities, maintaining sanitary conditions is vital. GlasLok 270 is available in an antimicrobial version, and it ties into itself, creating a seamless wall surface that minimizes the growth of bacteria.  In addition, GlasLok 270 does not stain when in contact with harsh chemicals or water as tile is prone to do. GlasLok 270 is easy to clean and maintain and has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

Unique Properties

The specialized formulation of of GlasLok 270 consists of an overlapping leaf arrangement of the glass fibers and strands. This allows for a higher tolerance of chemical and physical exposure than that of a traditional fiberglass wall system. In addition, GlasLok 270 can fill any holes, imperfections and elevation differences, thanks to its unique properties and application process. This means that there is no need for patching or repair of a damage substrate, saving time and money on the job.


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