Why Proper Maintenance is Vital to the Life of an Epoxy Floor

    Epoxy flooring systems are known for their excellent ability to protect substrates. They have high chemical resistance, long-term durability and top-notch aesthetics. However, even with these properties, epoxy floors must be properly maintained to ensure longevity, optimum performance and protection against damage and the build-up of bacteria. In other words, while these flooring systems are durable and reliable, they are not invincible. Read on for the benefits of [...]

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Hot, Hot, Hot! Tips on Applying Epoxy Coatings in the Summer Heat

Photo Courtesy of When the summer sun turns up the temperature on the jobsite, it’s important to remember that the heat can and will affect how applicators install epoxy coatings. Read on to discover four tips to help you beat the heat this season! Tip #1 – Test the Gel Time Photo Courtesy of Understanding how the weather affects the cure time of epoxy [...]

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Brr… It’s Cold Outside! Tips for Applying Epoxy Coatings When the Temperature Drops

  Photo courtesy of The winter months can be tough ones for coatings contractors, especially those who install epoxy coating systems. Although epoxy typically is best suited for application in temperatures above 55°F, there are ways to successfully install epoxy during cold weather. Here are a few tips to help ensure that the epoxy coating application process goes smoothly even when the temperature plummets. How the Cold [...]

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Cleaning Up: Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Epoxy Floor

One of the biggest advantages to installing an epoxy floor system is how easy they are to clean, sanitize and maintain. However, it is extremely important to follow a few simple cleaning tips to ensure that the optimum appearance and performance of the epoxy floors is maintained. Tip #1: Wait Until the Epoxy Floor is Completely Cured In most instances, epoxy floors can accept light foot traffic 24 hours after [...]

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When Coatings Fail: Breaking Down the Causes of Coating System Failure

When a coating system fails, oftentimes the first instinct of all parties involved is to start pointing fingers.  Coatings contractors need to be aware of potential causes of failure and know how to prevent them. As illustrated in the infographic below, there are many causes of coatings failure, but one in particular stands out as the main culprit behind coatings that just don’t stick. Let's break this infographic down: 1. [...]

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A Contractor Trick for Applying a Urethane Topcoat

For many epoxy flooring contractors, applying a urethane topcoat to your flooring system is a must because it delivers outstanding durability, chemical resistance, and UV resistance for your floor. Before the topcoat is applied, the floor is usually vacuumed to collect any residual dust. However, vacuuming only collects large dust particles, leaving behind smaller dust particles. If the fine dust is not collected off of the floor, the finished floor will appear to have a non-skid finish instead of a smooth finish. Here is a trick to help technicians collect fine dust particles off of the floor before installing a urethane topcoat.

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Concrete Surface Preparation: It’s Not an Option—It’s a Requirement!

Prepping the floor The proper surface preparation procedure for concrete is easily one of the most discussed – and debated – subjects in the coatings industry.  There are many different perspectives on what constitutes proper concrete preparation techniques. Some in the industry see surface preparation as a budget item that can be skimped on, or even skipped entirely.  However, time and time again, this viewpoint has been proven [...]

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A Contractor Trick for Applying Epoxy Cove Base

Cove Base Trowel If you are an epoxy flooring installer, cove base may be part of your every-day scope of work. After cove base is applied, it is usually smoothed out using a cove base trowel. However, a cove base trowel often leaves the corners of the cove base “square-looking,” which may be difficult to keep clean. After hearing from several certified Plexi-Chemie contractors and spending over 30 [...]

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