The PlexiQuartz Flooring System

The PlexiQuartz Flooring System


Often architects and designers feel torn between providing flooring options to their clients that are slip resistant or aesthetically pleasing. However, choosing an epoxy quartz floor guarantees that both requirements are met. Read on to find out more about how quartz floors bridge the divide between safety and beauty.

Colorful Choice

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The PlexiQuartz System is available in an array of colors


Epoxy quartz floors are a seamless flooring option that does not skimp on durability or beauty. Quartz floors can be glossy and come in an infinite number of color combinations. In addition, quartz floors can continue up the cove base or wall if preferred, creating a finished look. The fact that quartz floors are seamless also means that they are easy to clean and maintain.

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Non-Slip Surface[dt_gap height=”5″ /]


While aesthetically pleasing, epoxy quartz floors also provide slip resistance, essential in many applications


Slippery floors are major safety hazards, especially in situations where there is exposure to water and/or other liquids. Quartz aggregate creates a slip resistant surface that is a must in many environments such as schools, kitchens, restaurants, commercial, retail and office spaces. The slip resistance level of quartz floors can be customized depending on the end use of the floor and the preferences of the client. Slip resistance is an advantage that quartz floors have over many other flooring options including ceramic tile or terrazzo.

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Functional, Durable and Beautiful

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Locker room with PlexiQuartz floor: Looks beautiful and provides slip resistance


Quartz floors are abrasion, chemical and impact resistant. This means that epoxy quartz floors will continue to perform day-in-and-day-out, even in environments that are exposed to high foot traffic, chemicals, water and other substances that can wreak havoc on less durable flooring materials. No other flooring option can offer these benefits AND the beautiful finish of colorful and glossy quartz aggregate.


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