Having a project LEED certified demonstrates a commitment to being environmentally conscious and is something that many architects, facility owners and general contractors strive to achieve. Plexi-Chemie is a member of the United States Green Building Council, and our line of environmentally-friendly products can earn a project LEED credits. Here are the three things to know before getting started with the LEED certification process.[dt_gap height=”5″ /]

The 411 on LEED

leeddAccording to the USGBC, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. To receive LEED certification, building projects must satisfy prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification.  These levels are as follows:

Certified (40-49 points)

Silver (50-59 points)

Gold (60-79 points)

Platinum (80 plus points)

There are five different rating systems, including Building Design and Construction, Interior Design and Construction, Building Operations and Maintenance, Neighborhood Development and Homes. The prerequisites and credits differ for each system, and it is up to the project team to determine the best fit for their particular project.


The Process

The LEED certification has three main steps, and the tools available on the USGBC website can help you as you identify specific LEED credits, collect information and prepare documentation.

Step 1: Register the project and begin the documentation process.

Step 2:  Apply for LEED certification. Specify the appropriate LEED credits for the project, collect all pertinent information and prepare documentation.

Step 3: Submit application and documentation. At this point, there is a preliminary review by the USGBC that will provide feedback on any credits that need revision. After any new information is received, a final review is conducted, and if all goes well, the project is LEED certified.

For more detailed information about the steps in the certification process, please visit https://www.usgbc.org/certification.

How Plexi-Chemie’s Products Can Help

Plexi-Chemie is committed to providing earth-friendly and sustainable flooring systems that earn LEED credits. Here is a break-down of exactly how Plexi-Chemie’s green flooring solutions can help a project move towards LEED certification.  [dt_gap height=”5″ /]

Materials and Resources (MR)

  • MR Credit 1: Building Reuse: Plexi-Chemie flooring systems are used for repair and maintenance of existing buildings and minimize impact on new facilities and demolition of old buildings.

  • MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management: Plexi-Chemie products minimize impact on landfills because very little waste is produced and recycled packaging is used whenever possible.

  • MR Credit 4: Recycled Content: The PlexiBlend system contains recycled glass and aggregate media.

  • MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials: Plexi-Chemie offers rapidly renewable bio-based materials such as PlexiCrete resins and epoxy hardeners. These are castor oil derivatives and are composed of organic materials.

  • MR Credit 7: Certified Sustainably Harvested Wood: Crushed walnut shells are used in some of Plexi-Chemie products.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

  • IEQ Credit 4: Low-Emitting Materials: All of Plexi-Chemie’s products are low emitting materials and are all volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant.

Plexi-Chemie is also committed to helping architects, building owners and general contractors as they go through the LEED certification process. If a statement of LEED compliance for the specified flooring system is needed for your project, please contact Plexi-Chemie, and a representative will get back to you promptly with a detailed LEED report similar to the one below:


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Ready to get your LEED project started? Give us a call at 904-693-8800 or use the contact form to send us an e-mail. A Plexi-Chemie representative will promptly get back to you. 

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