When it comes to epoxy installs, we understand how important it is for contractors to have reliable coatings, but what about surface prep products? When preparing the concrete substrate for the epoxy flooring system, there are often cracks, divots, and sometimes even holes in the concrete that must be patched prior to the flooring installation. This is why we always recommend to our contractors to carry a unit of PlexiPatch QC with them on all of their installs. PlexiPatch QC is a multipurpose, 1:1 patching putty that is easy to mix and will cure in as little as 1.5 hours. When it comes to versatility, nothing beats PlexiPatch QC.  It can go under any flooring system – decorative or industrial. PlexiPatch QC has so many uses that you really shouldn’t step onto a jobsite without it!

Advantage #1: PlexiPatch Fills In Virtually Anything

PlexiPatch QC can be used as a crack and joint filler, as well as to repair cracks, holes and deviations in concrete. In addition, if you need to fill in floor joints before the application of an epoxy flooring system, PlexiPatch QC is your go-to product. PlexiPatch QC can be used in restaurant kitchens, food processing and manufacturing plants or any other facility that needs concrete patching done with minimal downtime.

PlexiPatch QC fills in this concrete joint

Advantage #2: PlexiPatch is Flexible and Easy to Use

PlexiPatch QC comes in two versions – regular and flexible. The regular version of the material is typically used in situations where there are cracks and holes in need of repair, but there aren’t a large number of control or expansion joints in the concrete substrate. The flexible version is designed with 65% flexibility and is the right choice for floors with active and dynamic expansion joints.  It’s important to remember that this flexibility does not compromise the strength or durability of the material at all.

Both versions are 1:1 mixing ratio and are so simple to mix that any crew member can do it with ease. The A and B sides of this product are color coded with black and white, which makes it easy to put a quick mix together on the job. All you need to do is mix until the putty turns a uniform gray color.  PlexiPatch QC also has a working time of 10-15 minutes at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 


PlexiPatch QC packaging: Easy to identify A & B and handy to take on any jobsite

Advantage #3: You Won’t Need to Wait For PlexiPatch to Dry Before Going Over With Epoxy

One of the biggest assets of using PlexiPatch QC is that you can begin priming the floor with your epoxy primer (We recommend PlexiGlaze #4 Clear Epoxy Coating) right after you have patched and repaired the surface. In other words, you can go over PlexiPatch QC while it’s still wet, and it will act as a binder/adhesive to the primer coating.

In addition, PlexiPatch QC can be used as an adhesive if you need to anchor anything to the floor. This versatility is yet another reason why PlexiPatch QC is essential on every jobsite!





PlexiPatch was applied to the floor joints and soon after, primed with clear epoxy PlexiGlaze #4

Advantage #4: PlexiPatch QC’s Quick Cure Time

The quick curing properties of PlexiPatch QC will save you a great deal of time, money and manpower. Within two hours, PlexiPatch QC is 100% cured. Repairs made with PlexiPatch QC can be sanded, tapped, sawed, drilled and/or top coated within approximately 1 ½ hours of application of the product. This rapid cure time is important on any job, but especially vital on jobs with a quick turnaround time.

















For more information about the amazing versatility of PlexiPatch QC, call (904) 693-8800.

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