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The Many Benefits of Polyaspartic Urethane Coatings

Polyaspartic urethane is a high-end urethane coating that gives contractors and applicators many more options and capabilities than when they are working with regular urethane coatings. The coatings industry has embraced the versatility that polyaspartic urethanes bring to a wide variety of jobs. A Bit of Background   Urethanes are typically used as a finish coat, a thin top coat that goes over thicker coating systems such as epoxies. Many [...]


PlexiCrete – This Versatile Urethane Mortar System Can Be Customized for Each Job’s Unique Needs

PlexiCrete - School Kitchen   Tough conditions call for tough flooring systems, materials that can stand up to harsh chemicals, thermal shock and concrete expansion. Plexi-Chemie’s PlexiCrete urethane mortar flooring system meets the needs of many industries that require high performance floors. PlexiCrete is versatile as well, giving contractors the ability to choose just the right urethane mortar flooring system for each individual job.   The Many Advantages of Urethane Mortar Systems   [...]


Safe Aesthetics: Quartz Epoxy Floors Offer Both Beauty & Slip Resistance

  The PlexiQuartz Flooring System   Often architects and designers feel torn between providing flooring options to their clients that are slip resistant or aesthetically pleasing. However, choosing an epoxy quartz floor guarantees that both requirements are met. Read on to find out more about how quartz floors bridge the divide between safety and beauty. Colorful Choice [dt_gap height="5" /] The PlexiQuartz System is available in an [...]


Improve Chemical Resistance of Your Floor with PlexiCoat F Novolac

  As any coatings contractor will tell you, epoxy resin floor coatings are durable, chemical resistant and cost effective solutions for a wide variety of situations. However, what should a contractor do when a coating with even more chemical and thermal resistance is required? Read on for information about the excellent chemical and heat resistant properties of the PlexiCoat F Novolac epoxy coating system.   Chemistry Lesson   In order [...]

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The Right Choice: Plexi-Chemie Offers Two, Three and Four Coat Epoxy Flooring Systems Designed For the Toughest Environments

    The floors of airplane hangars, fire stations and warehouses are subjected to conditions day-in and day-out that can wreak havoc on protective flooring systems that are not designed to be impact, chemical and abrasion resistant. Plexi-Chemie offers epoxy flooring systems that are specifically formulated to perform even in these harsh environments. Counting the Layers Depending on the specific conditions and circumstances of a particular job (for example, substrate [...]

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Waterproofing Know-How: PlexiGlaze MVB 2000 Reduces Moisture Vapor Emission

Few things make a coatings contractor cringe like the words “moisture vapor emission.” However, moisture problems in concrete substrates are common, especially in areas like Florida where the water table is high.  Moisture problems must be dealt with BEFORE applying a coating system.  If concrete contains too much moisture, a coating system will not properly adhere to the substrate and can possibly lead to complete coatings failure. So what’s the [...]

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Bottoms Up! PlexiClad and PlexiCrete: The Perfect Accompaniments to the Brewery Environment

From large nationally distributed brands to neighborhood brew pubs and microbreweries, brewing beer is big business. Having the proper equipment and facilities are critical components to the brewing process, and having the right flooring system is no exception. A brewery floor needs to stand up to exposure to a variety of chemicals and liquids, be easy to clean and slip resistant. Read on to find out how two Plexi-Chemie flooring [...]


Looking into LEED Certification? Plexi-Chemie Can Help!

Having a project LEED certified demonstrates a commitment to being environmentally conscious and is something that many architects, facility owners and general contractors strive to achieve. Plexi-Chemie is a member of the United States Green Building Council, and our line of environmentally-friendly products can earn a project LEED credits. Here are the three things to know before getting started with the LEED certification process.

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Fiberglass Wall Systems: A New Alternative

When a job calls for a sanitary, easy to clean, abrasion and chemical resistant wall system, many contractors look to traditional fiberglass mat for the solution. However, while a fiberglass mat system satisfies the specifications for the job, installing it is a difficult, messy and labor intensive process. Plexi-Chemie has recently introduced a product – GlasLok 270 – that solves this sticky situation and provides a wall system that goes above and beyond when it comes to performance.

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