Here’s a quick video on how to use our PlexiPatch QC Epoxy Quick Patch:



About PlexiPatch QC:

If you need to repair cracks, holes or deviations in concrete, OR if you need to fill in floor joints before an epoxy floor is applied, PlexiPatch QC is your go-to patching product.  PlexiPatch QC is a multi-purpose, 100% solid, two component patching compound designed for use as a fast repair and setting adhesive on concrete. PlexiPatch QC comes in a regular version, and a flexible version with up to 65% flexibility. Both are 1 to 1 ratio and easy to mix with a 10-15 minute working time at 70° F. Repairs can be sanded, tapped, sawed, drilled, or top coated in as little as 1.5 hours after application (at 70° F).

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