When a job calls for a sanitary, easy to clean, abrasion and chemical resistant wall system, many contractors look to traditional fiberglass mat for the solution. However, while a fiberglass mat system satisfies the specifications for the job, installing it is a difficult, messy and labor intensive process. Plexi-Chemie has recently introduced a product – GlasLok 270 – that solves this sticky situation and provides a wall system that goes above and beyond when it comes to performance. 

Why Fiberglass? 

Commercial kitchens, correctional facilities, secondary containment units and clean rooms are just a few of the places where fiberglass mat systems are often installed. In each of these circumstances, it is vital that the wall surface be seamless, easy to clean, strong and able to withstand harsh environmental factors. The proper application of a fiberglass matte or cloth layup system can achieve all of these objectives; however, it is not an easy task. 


Not So Fast 

The installation of traditional fiberglass mat systems consists of many steps and is extremely labor intensive. First, as with any coatings job, the substrate must be properly prepared. Then a primer must be applied to the surface. Although this sounds like standard operating procedure so far, it is the next step that causes headaches. Once the base coat of the system is applied, a fiberglass matte or cloth is embedded in the wet coating. This saturation process is labor intensive, time consuming and in layman’s terms can be compared to the tedious endeavor of hanging wallpaper. After the fiberglass mat is embedded in the first base coat layer, another layer of coating is applied to effectively “sandwich” the fiberglass material within the wall system.  Then the system must be sanded and at least one layer of top coat material must be applied. 

In addition to the many steps involved in application of a fiberglass mat layup system, there is a high probability that air pockets will occur due to human error during the application process. Getting rid of these imperfections is another added cost in time, labor and money.


GlasLok 270: An Easy-To-Apply Fiberglass Wall System 

The team at Plexi-Chemie knew there had to be a better way to provide clients with the strength and durability of a fiberglass mat layup system.  With ease of application in mind, Plexi-Chemie has developed GlasLok 270, a fiberglass wall layup system with fiberglass chop strand. The GlasLok 270 system incorporates glass interlocking components that are designed to replace the traditional fiberglass mat system. It can be installed over new concrete, existing concrete, drywall, MVB 2000 and Rubberthane. Either an epoxy or urethane top coat can be applied over the GlasLok 270 system. 

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The specialized formulation of GlasLok 270 eliminates permeability and air pocket failures, and has a suggested thickness range of up to 120 mils. The overlapping leaf arrangement of the glass fibers and strands allows for a higher chemical and physical exposure than that of a traditional fiberglass wall system.  In addition, its unique properties and application process take away the need for patching or repair of a damaged substrate. GlasLok 270 will fill any holes, imperfections and elevation differences.

GlasLok 270 goes up like sheet rock mud—it can troweled on and smoothed out with a brush.  Because it is so easy to install, less labor and time are required to take a job from start to finish. In fact, depending on the size of the area to be coated with GlasLok 270, the cure time can be accelerated, allowing for sanding and top coat application within the same day.  

GlasLok 270 is a 100% solids coating and is available in an antimicrobial version.  It also ties into itself, creating a seamless wall surface that minimizes the growth of bacteria. GlasLok 270 is perfect for clean rooms, secondary containment, tank linings, chemical storage, commercial kitchens, locker rooms and shower facilities. It is easy to clean and maintain, and unlike tile, will not stain when in contact with harsh chemicals or water. This, along with GlasLok 270’s excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, makes it a functional, as well as economical, choice for jobs that require fiberglass wall systems.


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For more information about the innovative and labor-saving GlasLok 270 Fiberglass Wall Layup System, please contact a Plexi-Chemie sales representative, or feel free to call us at 904-693-8800 or email us at office@plexi-chemie.com.

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